Apr 25, 2011

Sketching at Fullerton

It was a fine (read: very hot) day when we set out on the Fullerton Sketching Tour organized by myartspace but this is Singapore. Guess the places..

We gathered late afternoon at

and had a quickie warm-up session on the surrounding bay views:

, a faraway view of our rat race $ite, and of course

, the $in place with the lotu$ which is also allegedly very ex..

Then we walked on to the former, ahem.. 'red lantern' pier

, but now a super atas (high class) place, oh how the fortunes have changed! I wonder what is the other lotus thingee they are building beside it but then Singapore is always a-changing. We have to be the most changeable city in the world, and if there is a prize for it, we will definitely proclaim to be No.1 no less, better than Inception dreams.

An about turn back along the bay to by the Waterboat House, we have an impressive view of

, with the affectionately known fruit building in the backdrop. Sorry, no spikes for the famous king of fruits as my pen ink ran out..

Crossing the road and wow we see this:
with the sun about to set. Perhaps you can see that I was much reminded of Edvard Munch's famous painting when I did this, with a bit of ackwardness using the new pen and a few “Excu-me” screeching into my ears from passers-by crossing the bridge. Now I know where Munch got his inspiration. Challenging but very inspired..

Oops time to go.. a quick hp pic for a painting in future, and then chasing after the group, I caught up at this magnificent object of grandeur, once a garment (government) building and general post office, and now, well, the name will give it away..

It is dusk by the time we strolled along the Singapore River past a crazy multitude of shutterbugs and reached this very character (er.. gabbage and large air-cons a-plenty) backstreet junction on the historical quay. I love it!

So here is my penultimate sketch of the day
while almost being run down by a ringing-madly FT (foreign talent or foreign worker, depending on who's saying it) cyclist!

Like I say, I love it! Cos it was the most genuine, original flavour, no artificial preservatives added, spot of the heritage walk, not exactly truly asia but definitely uniquely Singapore, haha.. Enjoyed myself and hope you do too :)

P.s. Names of places may be discerned from the gibberish URLs by clicking on the respective sketches, in case you don't recognize them from the 'abstract' works ;p

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