Dec 3, 2010

In loving memory..

You came to my life a year ago
a gift no less
flourishing like the gods owe you
bold, resplendent, full of life
gracing the occasion like no other

Then I brought you home
placed on a podium of honour no less
you started to wilt like the gods left you
rapid, shrivelling, life seeping
drama unfolding like no other

Panic! panic! a rescue op ensued
perhaps the sun is what you crave
off to the planter box you go
and survive you really did!
well.. at least 3 stalks out of 6

minute by minute, hour by hour
flowers gone, leaves remain
day by day, month by month
leaves still green, but no flowers

When the sun got too much
I brought you a small brolly
still a struggle against the burn
the sun a double-edged sword

minute by minute, hour by hour
sometimes glistening, other times dull
day by day, month by month
hope you gave me, but still no bouquet

Then the sun a-shifted
brolly no longer needed
oh spring is in the air!
will I see a second bloom?

Alas disaster struck!
pesky pest I could not rid
oh so sick and strickened
finally joining your shortlived brethen

An empty pot layeth
all that remains of what had been
oh what a pity what can I do
so with ladened heart I painted thee

stroke by stroke, brush by brush
the arcs, the shapes,
the colours, the life!
bloom by bloom, stalk by stalk
alive you became
a sight to behold

A joyful work I will make thee
hopeful another two to follow
an ode to your beauty
a tribute to your glory
at least on canvas you cannot fade

Oh may you rest in peace!
the one and only orchid I will ever own
living ones at least
cos painting hands I possess
but not green fingers.. amen

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