Oct 14, 2009

Life's Punctuation

It's a cliche to say life is full of ups and downs. I prefer to say life is, or rather needs, commas and full-stops, and the occasional exclamation mark! At least mine does.

Caught in the drone of daily work and routine, I tend to get on with the days on auto-mode.. Brr-ing!!! God! Monday blues.. Brr-ing!!! It's only Tue??! Brr-ing!! Why is'nt there a mid-week break? Brr-ing! Almost there.. Brr-ing! Tahan a few more hours.. Then zzz... tired out.. zzz... rested.. but tomorrow's Mon again :( GROAN.

Yes, life's one big GROAN. Especially when I'm not one of those blessed few - you know, the authors of feel-good books who simply lurve their work, or at least proclaim to be so passionate about slogging as to be unable to live (pant) without it ;p

I need punctuation in my life period. To break the routine, so to speak. So that I can feel alive again. And, as a bonus, have things to brag about to my friends when I see them ;p

In my school days, I used to like exams. Not because I'm nuts but because there is a finality to it. During the term, you go through the pain of attending classes, doing tutorials, and having occasional fun pauses when they're done. Finally, the panic, cramming and sleepless nights before the wham-bam of the papers hit! Then yes, it's OVER! Euphoria washes over. And I'd reward myself with a gift - something that I've always wanted - or go out with friends to celebrate. Even a hair-cut can be such an uplifting moment at a time like this! That is the beauty of it all. A brilliant full-stop, no exclamation mark, after a long long session with occasional commas.

I like to say I love studying - often to the incredulity of others. It was only recently that it dawned on me that what I really love about my studying days is for its clear-cut punctuation. There is a time for pain and tedium; a time for rejoicing and fun. Pure and simple. Nothing else gets in the equation, like $$$ for instance. Working life, however, sucks. You go through the tedium and you go through the tedium. Responsibility weighs a tonne when you are working for the dough. Politics are distasteful but unavoidable. There is no right or wrong answer. Instead everything becomes a muddy grey.

I used to think of working life as a general nuisance but a necessity to pay for my holidays. And that's where my punctuation needs come in. So I've learned to make my own punctuation. Even as I write this, I'm on a comma (somewhere in scotland ;p) Eventually I'd have my grand big FULL-STOP - not drop dead lah but my early retirement date!!!

3rd May 2009, Glasgow.

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